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Pile of forested logs

At TriviumLand, We're all about trees...

Welcome to Trivium Land, your premier destination for bespoke arboricultural and forestry consultancy services. At Trivium Land, we specialize in delivering tailored solutions to meet your unique needs in the ever-evolving landscape of trees and green spaces.


Our expert team of arborists and forestry consultants is committed to providing comprehensive and personalized services, ranging from arboricultural impact assessments to forestry management planning. With a focus on precision and sustainability, Trivium Land is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of tree care and land management.

Discover our wide range of services, meticulously crafted to enhance the health and longevity of your trees, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and optimize the potential of your land. Whether you are a developer seeking guidance on tree preservation, a homeowner looking to enhance your property's greenery, or a business requiring forestry management strategies, Trivium Land has the expertise to meet your specific requirements.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond consultancy services; we aim to empower our clients with knowledge, foster environmental stewardship, and contribute to the sustainable development of landscapes. Explore the possibilities with Trivium Land, where personalized solutions meet a passion for arboriculture and forestry. Trust us to be your dedicated partner on the journey to thriving green spaces and sustainable land management.

Embark on a tailored and sustainable approach to arboriculture and forestry consultancy – choose Trivium Land, where expertise meets excellence. Contact us today for unparalleled service and solutions that prioritize the health and longevity of your trees and green spaces.

Arboricultural Consultancy

We offer a range of domestic and commercial tree consultancy services.

Silviculture and Forestry

Our forestry and silviculture consultancy is ideal for Forest Managers and Landowners.

A Tailored Approach...

At Trivium Land, we recognize the unique nature of each project. Our commitment to personalized solutions is evident in our tailored approach to every engagement.


We meticulously craft reports and conduct surveys that are specifically customized to meet the distinct demands of our clients. This dedication to individualised service ensures that our deliverables align seamlessly with the unique requirements of each project we undertake. Trust Trivium Land for a bespoke experience that prioritises your project's specific needs, providing you with targeted solutions and unparalleled service.

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